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The Event Rental Gallery - Decoration Rentals

The Event Rental Gallery - Decoration Rentals

Planning Packages

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Let us create the wedding of your dreams! Together, we will go over your vision for the perfect wedding. We will develop a plan to make it a reality. This is going to be the most important day of your lives and we want the décor to be the least stressful part of your planning.

We offer many options of centerpieces, ceiling draping, and backdrops. If we do not have exactly what you are looking for, we will work hard to achieve your vision. In our opinion, wedding décor is first and foremost, a work of art. Let us help you paint your picture.

**Planning packages do not include price of decor. Our decoration rentals are on an a la carte basis.**

The Masterpiece: Starting at $1000

* We handle your wedding planning process from start to finish while you relax!

* We offer recommendations of the vendors/venues in your area (You can always use your own vendors)!

* We schedule times to meet with vendors/venues and will be there to assist you as necessary.

* We offer color/design/décor consultations!

* We provide printable table floorplans custom to your venue!

* As the event gets closer, we coordinate with vendors/venues and key individuals to keep everyone abreast of plans and possible changes in plans!

* "Day-of " wedding planning services included in this package (See Canvas Package)

The Sculpture: Starting at $300

This package is designed to meet the needs of someone who has already started the planning process and might be overwhelmed. We can offer assistance in a number of areas, whether it be selecting final vendors, helping to make the decisions in décor setup, or just a chart or seating layout for your reception.  This package is designed of the person who needs a minimal amount of assistance to fill in the final few gaps that may exist in your event planning.  Deep down, you know what you want, but you need someone to make it happen.

If you are in this situation, we can help! This is a time to pass the stress to us and enjoy the rest of the journey. Call us today to help you in your next steps of your planning process.

The Canvas: Starting at $650

This is for someone who is truly already a planner. You know exactly what you want and probably have most of your event checklist completed. However, many people who are great planners do not let themselves enjoy their own event because they are still worried about the details. When you use our "day-of planner" service, you allow yourself to enjoy your own event. The "day-of planner"  can act as your personal assistant.

Your assistant will thoroughly go over all of your plans with you before the event. They will attend your rehearsal and help everyone involved know their role. On your wedding day, your assistant will meet with your vendors at the venue and make sure everything is set up. They will help you with the ceremony logistics and anything you need in between the wedding and reception.  Reception services can also be provided.

It is YOUR DAY to shine, so let us help you do that. 

Making your event a masterpiece